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  • Mush Room

    Mush Room

    Chianina Burger under Champignons: all is Wrapped with Salad, Cheddar and Mustard.

    Türk lirası18.50
  • Tomato Prince

    Tomato Prince

    American Buffalo Burger with Doble Sliced Tomato, Salad and Ketchup. Must Eat!

    Türk lirası16.00
  • Fried Potatoes

    Fried Potatoes

    The carefully balanced sweet and savory flavor of potatoes with a hint of salt.

    Türk lirası6.00
  • Cheese Burger

    Cheese Burger

    Danish Beef Burger Wrapped in a Cheese Outfit. Breathtaking Taste!

    Türk lirası15.50
  • The firehouse

    The firehouse

    With Double Cheddar, Chianina Burger, Bacon and Tropea Onions

    Türk lirası9.00
  • Giant Burger

    Giant Burger

    With Double Irish Burger, Salad, Cucumbers and Mayo

    Türk lirası9.00


  • Crunchy Cloud

    Crunchy Cloud

    This is Our Special Fried Cloud, made from 3 Different Chicken Parts...

    Türk lirası10.00
  • Chicken Thigh

    Chicken Thigh

    Crunchy and Tasty Outside, Hot and Soft Inside...One of The Most Eaten Dishes!

    Türk lirası10.00
  • Spicy Nuggets

    Spicy Nuggets

    Soo Good you can’t Stop! Try Nuggets with Tabasco or Ketchup, you’ll be Mesmerized!

    Türk lirası10.00
  • Plucked Wings

    Plucked Wings

    We Call them "The Wings of Glorious Fried Heaven". A Must to Try!

    Türk lirası10.00
  • Ruspante Thig

    Ruspante Thig

    A Real Tasty Explosion! Those are the Real Thigs...Only for Trained Eaters!

    Türk lirası12.00
  • Strip Potatoes

    Strip Potatoes

    A Classic that never sets: you can pair Strip Potatoes with the Universe!

    Türk lirası8.00

Hot dishes

  • Spaghetti


    Traditional Turkish salad. Our Turkish vegetable shop owner has Given Us a Secret Ingredient...

    Türk lirası12.50
  • Proud Panino

    Proud Panino

    Ham, Parmisan and Olive Oil to Taste 100% Italian Flavour! Try it with a Chianti Glass!

    Türk lirası14.00
  • Space Burritos

    Space Burritos

    Our award-winning burritos are so fresh, made-to-order and healthy – it’s love at first bite.

    Türk lirası12.50
  • White Rice

    White Rice

    Use it to accompany your Favourite Dish. and taste all the flavours.

    Türk lirası4.00
  • Turkish Salad

    Turkish Salad

    Traditional Turkish salad. Our Turkish vegetable shop owner has Given Us a Secret Ingredient...

    Türk lirası12.50
  • Combo Burger

    Combo Burger

    Pickles, Onions, Hamburger Heaven Sauce, and mayo for a Tasty Odissey! Try with Smoked Sauce!

    Türk lirası15.00

premium beef

  • Hereford Prime

    Hereford Prime

    A premium beef brand that provides an eating experience only the Hereford breed can produce.

    Türk lirası32.00
  • Danish


    This Beef has a high health standard, and the meat quality is the very best you can ask for.

    Türk lirası18.50
  • Wagyu Kobe

    Wagyu Kobe

    Wagyu beef is intensely marbled with softer fat, has higher percentages of monounsaturated fats.

    Türk lirası50.00
  • T-Bone


    T-bone steaks are cut closer to the front, and contain a smaller section of tenderloin.

    Türk lirası16.50
  • Porterhouse


    Porterhouse are cut from the rear end of the short loin and thus include more tenderloin steak.

    Türk lirası22.50
  • Sirloin


    The steak is cut from the rear back portion of the animal: It’s very tasty and much appreciated.

    Türk lirası18.50
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